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ELSE1 科儀新知雙月 2003-04-01  
ELSE1 微系統暨奈米科技協會會刊 2003-06-01  
ELSE1 中華民國機構與機器原理學會會刊 2004-02-01  
ELSE1 國科會工程科技通訊 2004-07-01  
ELSE1 2002, revised to Microelectronics Reliability 2002-06-01  
SCI&EI Sensor and Actuator A: Physical 2002-10-01  
SCI&EI Sensor and Actuator A: Physical 2002-12-01  
SCI&EI Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 2008-07-01  
ELSE1 科儀新知 2002-05-01  
ELSE1 科儀新知 2002-06-01  
SCI&EI Sensors and Actuators 2002-06-01  
SCI&EI Thin Solid Films 2006-03-01  
SCI&EI Surface & Coatings Technology 2006-02-01  
SCI&EI Diamond & Related Materials 2005-01-01  
ELSE1 粉末冶金會刊 2004-11-01  
SCI Meas. Sci. Technol. 2003-09-01  
SCI Journal of Testing and Evaluation 2004-01-01  
SCI The Japan Institute of Metals 2004-03-01  
SCI Meas. Sci. Technol. 2004-06-01  
EI The Chinese Journal of process Engineering 2004-08-01