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Taipei Tech Library reopens on April 10

Taipei Tech Library reopens on April 10

How much time did you spent in a library when you were in school? Would you say that library is one of the most important places for student during college? We have an affirmative answer for this question at Taipei Tech. And this is the reason why we want to improve our Library based on user experience and technology in order to provide students with better environment.

Designed by architect Chris Y. Teng, one of the main designers for Elite Spectrum in Suzhou, Taipei Tech Library is close to what we think of a high class book store should be look like. It is an ideal place where people can read while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.

But the interior design is not the only special feature of Taipei Tech Library. It spent tens of millions of budget on electronic resources such as online research database Scopus, IEEE Xplore, and so on. Workshop and seminar has been hold on a monthly basis in order to equip students with ability to make best use of the Library’s resources according to Dean of the Office of Library and Information Services Prof. Chen Ing-Yi.

If you are a movie lover, multimedia space is where you cannot miss. Located on B1, it provides more than 40 booths with TV screen and sofa. Over 4,000 DVDs are available for both learning and recreation purposes.

We are also very proud to see Taipei Tech students showed their potential in Library’s reformation. Students from Dept. Interaction and Design and Dept. Industrial Design were in charge of part of the image design and interior decoration in the facility. They even made a microfilm to promote Library’s new look and services. The creativity in the film soon invoked many discussions after displayed in public.

First established in 1926, Taipei Tech Library then moved to its current location in 1992. In 2017, the makeover process began. And after months of reconstruction, the re-opening ceremony was held on April 10.

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