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Featured Labs:

 Modern Materials Manufacture Lab.
Development of Magnetoelectric Materials and Devices, Enhanced Light Extraction Efficiency of Optical-Electrical Devices, Fabrication of Nanomaterial-based Devices for Biological Sensing and Hot Treatment, Application of Functional Data Storage Medium, Development of 0~2 Dimensional Semiconducting Materials and Devices, Development of Green Energy and Battery Materials, Design and Manufacture of Low-dimensional Self-assembly and Artificial Structures from Nano to Micro Scales
Intelligent Automated Inspection and Embedded Control Laboratory
Machine vision、Precise measurement、Inline inspection、Process Diagnostics、Industrial AI、Embedded system
Industry 4.0 Lab.
Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Physical System, Internet of Things, intelligent robots and vehicles, Structural topology optimization, Development of Innovative Mechanisms
Intelligent Systems Lab.
 Intelligent User-Interactive Security System; Chaos Tech.-based Smart Machine with AI; System Modelling and Intelligent Control
Biomechanics Lab.
Solid mechanics, finite element method, CAD /CAE / CAM, Orthopedic biomechanics, Dental biomechanics, Rehabilitation engineering, Computer assisted orthopedic surgery
 Metal Forming and Materials Modelling Lab.
Metal forming technology, Mechanical Behavior of materials, Finite element analysis, Micro-mechanics simulation
Wisdom Bio/Chemical Sensing Systems Lab.
Molecular controlled Semiconductor Sensing devices, BioMEMS, Biochemical Self Assembly Process, Precision Molecular Coating Technology, Microfluidics, Nanomechanical Biosensors, Wisdom Manufacturing
Lignt Manufacture and Inspection Lab.
Laser materials processing; Opto-mechanical system design and analysis; Precision opto-mechatronic system integration; Smart sensors development; Laser interferometer measurement; CAD/CAM
Advanced Interface Manufacture Lab.
Ultrasonic metal welding, Manufacture of high-strength metallic lamellar materials, Microstructural analysis and design of dissimilar bonding interface, Ultrasonic metal additive manufacturing, Solid-state bonding
Sustainable Engineering Lab.
Thermo-Fluid Engineering; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); Heat and Mass Transfer; Wind Energy Harvesting; Sustainable Built Environment
Complex Fluids Modeling and Computation Lab.
Granular material flows, non-Newtonian fluids and multiphase flows, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), discrete element method (DEM) simulation, applications of artificial intelligence in engineering
Creative Design Lab.
Mechanism Synthesis and Analysis ;Rehabilitation Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Exercise Equipment Design; Bicycle Mechanism Design; Hand Tool Design; Vehicle Engineering ; Railway Vehicle Engineering
Medical Engineering Lab.
Cartilage analysis, Optical measurement, Biomechanics, Computational Modelling, Musculoskeletal Sciences
Thin Film Processes & Functional Materials Lab.
Electrochemistry, thin film process, materials corrosion & protection, chemical sensor, energy materials (solar water splitting, supercapacitor, lithium ion battery), resistive random-access memory, chemical sensor
BioFab & µForm Lab
Digital Dental 3D Printing System, Digital Manufacturing, Incremental Sheet Metal Forming
Matrix Lab.

enlightenedIn-Situ Measurement, Signal Processing, Machine Vision, Experimental Mechanics, Industrial Applications