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2018 study abroad fair (spring)

2018 study abroad fair (spring)

Exchange students from Germany, France, Korea, India, Luxembourg, and other countries gathered in front of Red House Monument to share their home country and alma mater with local students at Taipei Tech.

Booths showcasing special objects from different countries such as their famous snacks, drinks, and flags attracted participants’ eyes. Laptops were standing by at every booth in order to answer local students’ questions immediately. Some countries even prepared their own flyers.

The study abroad fair has been held every semester in order to give student a platform to interact with international students as well as to learn more information about exchange program.

This event can’t be so successful without Taipei Tech students’ efforts. They were voluntarily acting as photographers, translators, and staff member in order to provide a better experience for both international and local students.

Prof. Schröder from RWTH Aachen University in Germany, Taipei Tech’s Honorary International Chair Professor, also attended the fair and talked to our exchange student from Germany. Local students also grabbed this opportunity to find out more information about studying in Germany.

Taipei Tech encourages students to take part in international events. We believe that the experience will not only broaden horizon but also be a plus if they are considering joining an exchange program.

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